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Website history.
I was surfing the Internet looking for free dating services one day and couldn't find any Catholic ones. I could find all sorts of free dating sites. I was like what's up with that. Christians should be the ones giving why do all of the Christian sites want money while nobody else does. So I figured if I want something done I guess I'll just have to do it myself.

Then people started coming in large numbers. This was really cool, but I didn’t expect them to. And everything is man handled here. You have to write me an email to have your account deleted and stuff like that. So this was getting annoying. People would also get mad if I didn’t delete the message right away and they treated me like I was getting paid when I wasn’t getting paid.

I stopped maintaining the website for over a year.  Now I’m opening an online business and noticed that people still come here so I am going to use this website for advertising.  If you want to support this website then please buy something from ME International.